Carbondale Rims

Product Description

Available for pre-order now, just contact us or find your local dealer!  These rims will be available in Late May.

Introducing the most revolutionary product to hit the fat bike market, the Borealis Carbondale rims.  These double walled burly beasts will change the way you ride a fat bike.  The Carbondale rims will help you to conquer terrain where bikes have never been before.  Our proprietary patent pending bead hook and lock system makes tubeless setups a breeze.  Simply seal the spoke holes with any kind of sealant tape, use a standard tubeless valve, 1 scoop of tire sealant, and inflate with a compressor or hand pump until the tire pops on the bead.  No tube, no hassle, and no more pushing the unnecassarily heavy fat bike tubes around in circles. These rims are not only extremely light, when the power is put down on the pedals on your fat bike, it'll feel like you're blowing past Mario Cipollini up the Alpe d'Huez. At the same time, the lateral stiffness from the burly, triangular-shaped double walls make fast downhill handling spot on.  

These rims will work with or without tubes with any tire from 3.8" to 4.8" wide.  The 85mm rim width is an ideal size for all widths of fat bike tires.

MSRP: $1599 per set of rims

         $1999 per complete wheelset with Borealis FH1 hubs, double butted spokes, and colored alloy nipples.

  • 85mm rim width
  • Tubeless compatible
  • 32 spoke holes
  • 615 grams per rim- ACTUAL WEIGHT
  • Recommended tire pressure: 6.5psi to 15psi