FH1 Hubset

Product Description

The Borealis FH1 hubs are specific to our Yampa frame and fork, and will have you rockin' on snow, sand, or singletrack trails anywhere.  This extremely versatile hubset features a bombproof 3-pawl freehub engagement system in the rear hub. The hub has a 24 tooth drive ring for a total of 30 engagement points.  The freehub body can also be swapped out to our Sram compatible XD driver body with only a 5mm allen wrench and a cone wrench for those who want to crank their ride all the way up to 11.

The 135mm front hub is designed around a 15mm thru-axle fork for added front end stiffness.  However, the end caps can be swapped to accomodate a standard quick release with our tool-free conversion system.  The 15mm thru-axle, especially combined with the wide 135mm front spacing, allows for incredible front end stiffness which makes ripping through tight singletrack or leaning into corners a breeze.

High quality sealed bearings, a precision engineered freehub body, lightweight and stylish laser-etched logos make the FH1 hubset the perfect match for your new Yampa fat bike. 

FH135mm: $149

FH150mm: $169

FH1 Rear Hub: $220

XD Driver Body: $99

  • 197x12mm, 135x15mm, and 150x15 hub spacings with swappable end caps
  • Available in anodized red or black
  • Front hub uses front-spaced disc tab spacing
  • 30 point freehub body engagement system 
  • Lightweight: FH135: 203g FH150: 224g FH1 Rear: 339g (without skewer)
  • Rear QR skewer 62 grams

Rear Hub:

Flange diameter: 58mm

Non Drive center-to-flange: 46mm

Drive center-to-flange: 45mm

Front Hub (135mm):

Flange diameter: 58mm

Non-drive center-to-flange: 35mm

Drive center-to-flange: 37mm

Front Hub (150mm):

Flange diameter: 58mm

Non-drive center-to-flange: 45mm

Drive center-to-flange: 47mm

Hub Configurations:

Rear hubs:

190x9mm standard QR

190x12mm thru axle

197x12mm thru axle

Front hubs:

135x15mm thru axle

135x9mm standard QR

150x15 thru axle

150x9 standard QR